Triptych of Devil’s Bathtub

October 8, 2017

Triptych of Devil’s Bathtub

42 x 36″ Oil on Ampersand Claybord Panel

I rendered numerous smaller paintings of Devil’s Bathtub this year in watercolor.  This is a much larger undertaking, created as a triptych (three panels designed to hang together).  The triptych is approximately 42″ wide, depending on spacing between the panels, and 36″ long.  Painted with oil on panel, this is an artwork that makes a large statement.

Devil’s Bathtub is a culmination location of a hike up Spearfish Canyon’s Squaw Creek.  The characteristic layered canyon walls an numerous small pools tease the hiker until the finale’, which is an incredibly amazing pool of water and several small waterfalls that are often used as a waterslide by the young and adventurous. The cold mountain creek feeds this “bathtub”, which is known to locals and visitors alike.

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