Moreau River Scene

April 18, 2011

This watercolor is painted from a photo I took on my husband’s family ranch, bordering the Moreau River in western South Dakota.  Miles from anywhere and in the middle of everything: a beautiful region.  The Moreau River fluctuates from a shallow moving stream to a raging over the banks river, depending on the season and amount of precipitation.

I truly love working in watercolor.  I’m influenced by the color usage of the Impressionists.  You can see my exaggerated colors in the shadows and glowing colors.  The Impressionists largely rejected black as a color in painting, opting to utilize color instead.  That color theory in painting has shaped how I paint.  Thank you, Claude Monet!!!

I’ve taken some time off of painting of late, traveling and promoting my artwork.  I took a trip to Wyoming and Colorado, then back for a couple of weeks.  That was followed by a trip to Helena, MT, where I did an Art show.  Now, glad to be back in my wonderful studio, doing what I love best: painting!!!


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