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Some Rips Can't Be Repaired
This large image depicts the historical nature of mankind.  The replacing of one culture with another causes changes that cannot be undone.  The ... more info

Some Rips Can't Be Repaired II
This oil painting measures 36" x 36" and is beautifully framed in a burl walnut finish frame. It is the second painting in a series that incorporates ... more info

South Dakota Summer Night
Image measures 17x20, Oil on Canvas and minimally framed with a deep, pine frame. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night, to a bright glow ... more info

Spearfish Canyon
“Spearfish Canyon, Fall 2011” 12 x 36” Oil on Canvas, framed in a antiqued golden frame. This painting was painted on site, en plein air, which is ... more info

Spearfish Canyon, Fall 2011 Giclee
This is a very limited edition print; only 100 will be made. This giclee print is from my original oil painting of Spearfish Canyon. It was ... more info

Spearfish Creek in Winter Block Print
The crystalline beauty of winter is captured in this block print of Spearfish Canyon. Image is limited to only 20 prints, and is conservation matted ... more info

St. Onge Remnant
14 x 11” Watercolor on Clayboard An iconic ruins of a barn and home, outside of St. Onge, South Dakota. It was built by Adolphe Furois, as the Furois ... more info

Story Inside a Sioux Tipi
The texture and converging lines of a buffalo hide teepee inspired this painting. I was captivated by the thought of how time was spent in this ... more info

Textures of the Trade
14 x 18” Oil on Clayboard This is a painterly interpretation of the textures found at the rendezvous: leather, beads, quillwork, and beadwork… all ... more info

The Medicine Wheel
The magic of the Medicine Wheel as still seen today in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming is hard to describe. One can walk the same trails mankind ... more info