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Painted Desert
A profusion of pattern and textue; this it at the very essence of what I consider my art to be about, no matter what the subject matter. This 12 x ... more info

Primal Hunt
“Primal Hunt” 24 x 36” Oil on Panel The dependence early man had on the bison is evident in rock carvings still found across the Great Plains of ... more info

Rend in Time
13 x 20” Oil on Canvas Tales told of days gone by. The stampeding bison herds of yesterday very nearly became extinct, as did the way of life they ... more info

Rendezvous Remembered
“Rendezvous Remembered” 24 x 36” Watercolor on Clayboard The abundance of items which were freely traded is the inspiration for this painting. Beaver ... more info

Reno's Retreat
“Reno’s Retreat” 36 x 48” Oil on Canvas Amos Bad Heart Bull recorded a dramatic image of Reno’s retreat in a ledger book in which he rendered stories ... more info

Rodeo Recall
Each pair of well-worn boots has a story. This one is about some wild rodeo rides. “Rodeo Recall” is 12 x 24” Oil on Clayboard. Framed in a dark ... more info

Running Wild
“Running Wild” 24 x 36” Oil on Panel The shelter of a tipi is a symbol from the past, reminiscent of a nomadic way of life. A life in which mankind ... more info

“Sentinel” 24 x 36” Oil on Canvas Standing guard over the South Dakota Prairie, the proud form of a tipi challenges the evening light. In my tipi ... more info

Sitting Bull's Vision
“Sitting Bull’s Vision” 36 x 48” Oil on Canvas The Lakota Chief, Sitting Bull had an inspirational vision, in which he saw soldiers falling into camp ... more info

Soldiers Falling into Camp
28 x 36” Oil on Canvas Sitting Bull had a vision of soldiers falling into camp, which inspired this painting. Years later, Amos Bad Heart Bull ... more info