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Dakota Dawn
This is a quality art print of the original artwork, Dakota Dawn, of the same size (11 x 14"). This print is limited to an edition of 100, printed ... more info

These boots are HOT, with images of horses and riders hidden in the flames. “Flaming Fandango” is a 12 x 24” self-framed Oil on Clayboard painting. ... more info

Fine and Dandy
Well-worn boots and a crisp clean shirt: just right for an evening on the town, western style. “Fine and Dandy” 12 x 24”. Framed in a dark walnut ... more info

Footprints in Time
This is a quality art print of the original artwork, "Footprints in Time". The print image size is 7.5 inches high x 20" wide, and is conservation ... more info

Foreign Currency
24 x 36” Watercolor on Clayboard In reference to early trade goods and their use as currency in the beaver pelt trade. This detailed and large-scale ... more info

Horse Dance
“Horse Dance” 11 x 30” Watercolor and Gouache on Paper Four figures on horseback comprise the top portion of this painting, as inspired by a painting ... more info

In Harmony
“In Harmony” 11 x 30” Watercolor and Gouache on Paper The converging lines and natural elements incorporated onto a tipi are the inspiration to which ... more info

Memories of the Hunt
“Memories of the Hunt” 24 x 36 ” Oil on Canvas From ancient cave paintings, pectoglyphs and petroglyphs, the bison emerge as the life force for the ... more info

Near Extinction of the Bison
30 x 30” Oil on Canvas Bison retreating through water toward ancient petroglyph images of bison to remind the viewer of the role of the bison to the ... more info

Nightime Notions
A sense of excitement and motion abound in this second rendering of a favorite pair of cowboy boots. “Nighttime Notions” 12 x 24” Oil on Clayboard. ... more info