Bison Fetish


Native American symbolism includes the significance of a fetish. Often a gift from a grandmother to a grandchild, or a mother to child, a piece of umbilical cord was placed inside the fetish to continue the symbolic connection to life. A bison fetish symbolizes the importance of the bison to the culture, and images found in rock art petroglyphs are incorporated into this image which honors the significance of the connection to life. Day into night, cold into hot, transitions are a part of life both in yesterday and today’s cultures. Honoring where we came from, and respecting where others derive is key to making peace with one another in this ever-shrinking world. Bison Fetish is an original 18 x 18 Oil on Canvas, beautifully framed with a parquest patterned liner with a burl walnut frame cap. Overall framed dimensions are approximately 24 x 24".