Devil’s Tower Slide

October 6, 2017

Devil’s Bathtub Slide

12 x 12″ Watercolor on Claybord

This is favorite destination hike, recalled from my youth and revisited with my own children, both when they were young, and after they became adults.  The cold and clear water draw hikers up a beautiful creek in Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills (still referred to as Squaw Creek) to an amazing natural “bathtub”.  The cliff walls on either side are a characteristic layered formation.  This hidden gem has forever more been discovered, and is usually visited by many people, so not the ideally deserted image I depict in this painting: this is inspired by memories of visits years ago!  This is a link to a Youtube video of what it looks like UNDER the water at Devil’s Bathtub, from the opposite angle that I am depicting!

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