Triptych of Devil’s Bathtub

October 8, 2017

Triptych of Devil’s Bathtub

42 x 36″ Oil on Ampersand Claybord Panel

I rendered numerous smaller paintings of Devil’s Bathtub this year in watercolor.  This is a much larger undertaking, created as a triptych (three panels designed to hang together).  The triptych is approximately 42″ wide, depending on spacing between the panels, and 36″ long.  Painted with oil on panel, this is an artwork that makes a large statement.

Devil’s Bathtub is a culmination location of a hike up Spearfish Canyon’s Squaw Creek.  The characteristic layered canyon walls an numerous small pools tease the hiker until the finale’, which is an incredibly amazing pool of water and several small waterfalls that are often used as a waterslide by the young and adventurous. The cold mountain creek feeds this “bathtub”, which is known to locals and visitors alike.

Devils Bathtub Depths

Devil’s Bathtub Depths

11 x 14″ Watercolor on Claybord

This year, I painted a series of works as I explored a Black Hills landmark: Devil’s Bathtub.  This hike was a remote and “secret” hike during my youth, and has now found a popular audience.  Seldom is it seen as I depict it here: devoid of humans enjoying the treasure that it is.

I love the rock formations, as they totally surround you during this hike.  Take a look at the experience that others share online about Devil’s Bathtub!

Devil’s Bathtub Falls

October 7, 2017

Devil’s Bathtub Falls

8 x 8″ Watercolor on Claybord

I have been exploring Black Hills area waterfalls through painting.  A favorite destination for me and my family has been Devil’s Bathtub.  This is a close-up of one of the water slides on the way to the large pool.  I love the rocky cliffs of the Devils Bathtub area, the flowing water, and the memories it holds for me.  South Dakota Magazine did a feature on this hike in 2013 by Lee Schoenbeck, which may be of interest.

Devil’s Tower Slide

October 6, 2017

Devil’s Bathtub Slide

12 x 12″ Watercolor on Claybord

This is favorite destination hike, recalled from my youth and revisited with my own children, both when they were young, and after they became adults.  The cold and clear water draw hikers up a beautiful creek in Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills (still referred to as Squaw Creek) to an amazing natural “bathtub”.  The cliff walls on either side are a characteristic layered formation.  This hidden gem has forever more been discovered, and is usually visited by many people, so not the ideally deserted image I depict in this painting: this is inspired by memories of visits years ago!  This is a link to a Youtube video of what it looks like UNDER the water at Devil’s Bathtub, from the opposite angle that I am depicting!

Roughlock Falls, Spearfish Canyon

October 5, 2017

Roughlock Falls, Spearfish Canyon

12 x 36″ Oil on Claybord Panel

And yet another version of Roughlock Falls. This painting is rendered in oil paint, and therefore has a different quality than the paintings I do in watercolor.  I especially like the way the water falls over the rocks at this site, and I focused upon that while painting this piece.  This painting can currently be seen at my home studio in Spearfish, SD.

My visit to Roughlock Falls was in the spring, while the water was especially rushing and there was a cool nip in the air.  I strove to depict this quality in the piece. There is a unique Black Hills smell at Roughlock Falls, one that speaks of home to me.


Roughlock Falls

October 1, 2017

Halseydutton_Roughlock Falls_ 24x36 WC on Claybd 24x36 17Roughlock Falls

24 x 36″ Watercolor on Claybord

This colorful rendering of Roughlock Falls depicts a favorite Black Hills destination in Spearfish Canyon. The tumbling and pooling water serves as a strong source of inspiration for me.  This relatively large painting is rendered in exaggerated color with intent to expressively portray the magic that Roughlock Falls holds for me.  I am a signature member of a local artist organization, Artists of the Black Hills, and this painting was recently on exhibit at our annual art show at The Dahl Fine Art Center in Rapid City.  The Dahl’s annual fundraiser, “The Goods” will be held on Friday November 10th from 6:00 – 9:30.  Hint, I will have an anonymous piece there available for silent bid, along with numerous other local artists’ works… check it out!

Roughlock Falls Relaxation

September 30, 2017

Roughlock Falls Relaxation

8 x 8″ Watercolor on Claybord

Roughlock Falls is a favorite of visitors to Spearfish Canyon.  No matter how many times I see it, I witness something new.  Not only are the falls compelling, but looking up at the beautiful canyon walls and color-infused meadows in the area are also visual gifts.  I love this beautiful spot in Spearfish Canyon, and I have painted numerous versions of Roughlock Falls in the past year.  This and several others are currently available at Prairie Edge Gallery in Rapid City.


Spearfish Canyon Colors

September 29, 2017

Spearfish Canyon Colors 4x4 WC on Claybd 16Spearfish Canyon Colors

4 x 4″  Watercolor on Claybord

This miniature painting of Spearfish Canyon depicts the beauty of nature that I was fortunate to experience yesterday.  I took my paints and my camera and my hiking boots, and had a marvelous fall day.  The colors are outstanding, and if you are in the Black Hills, you might want to make a point of getting outside to see them in person!  If you can’t, here is my little rendering of what I experienced.  This, and similar paintings I have done of the Black Hills are on display at Prairie Edge Gallery in Rapid City.

September 2018 Workshop in Olhão, Portugal

September 27, 2017

in 2018, consider joining me in a painting holiday at the amazing Art in the Algarve School in Olhao, Portugal.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand yourself through engagement in creativity as I lead a course through watercolor painting and journaling. Contact me at bhdutton@gmail with questions and to receive a hard copy of my brochure.  This course is limited to 12 participants.  Please check out:

Page 1 of Brochure

Page 2 of Brochure



Black Hills Fall Palette

Black Hills Fall Palette

6 x 6″

Watercolor on Claybord

Fall is an enchanting time in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and inspired this miniature painting.  This is the PERFECT time to get out to Spearfish Canyon to see the beauty that is there.  

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