Lightening the Load

August 23, 2017

Halseydutton_Lightening the Load_ 30x30 Oil on Canvas 17Lightening the Load

30 x 30″ Oil on Canvas

Inspired by an event during the Lewis and Clark Expedition where a barrel of beads was lost overboard. Trade beads were one of many items brought along on the trip to use as currency and to broach interaction between cultures. What by today’s standards seem to be cheap trinkets were in fact quite expensive goods during early trade in North America. Where the technology required to create these beads was unavailable, the desire to obtain them was great.  Much like digital technology and scientific knowledge is today… 





Roughlock Falls, 2017

May 16, 2017

Roughlock Falls 2017 11x30 WC 17Roughlock Falls, 2017

30″ x 11″ Watercolor on Paper

I have begun painting on paper once again, enjoying the texture that a good watercolor paper can give to my landscape paintings.  I have been working on a series of images depicting water, and this painting is inspired by Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon, found in the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota. A walk alongside this beautiful area is always calming to me, and is a gift I award to myself frequently!  This painting is currently available at Prairie Edge Gallery in Rapid City.

Roughlock Restful

May 13, 2017

Roughlock Restful 4x4 WC on Clybd 17“Roughlock Restful”

4 x 4″  Watercolor on Claybord

 This artwork depicts an open meadow near Spearfish Canyon’s Roughlock Falls. There is a lovely walking path from the falls to Spearfish Canyon Lodge and Latchstring Inn: a lovely hike to take now that Spring as come to the Black Hills!  Check out more information about this amazing area I call home at  

This miniature painting is available at Prairie Edge Gallery in Rapid City.

River Relics

May 11, 2017

River Relics 24x36 Oil on Canvas 17River Relics

24 x 36″ Oil on Canvas

Not all my paintings are watercolor on claybord. This painting is an oil on canvas piece. I am focused upon the unknown: the hidden remnants of humankind’s mark upon the earth.  In the Lewis and Clark journals, there is an  entry that describes the near capsizing of one of their boats, which resulted in loss of a barrel of  beads.  This missing cargo represented the potential inability to trade and commune with Native American tribes whom they anticipated coming into contact with during their trek across the United States continent. Thus, they are lost to time and have become relics for future generations to find.

Formation of the Trade Black Hole

May 9, 2017

e Formation of a Trade Black Hole 24x36 WC on Claybd 17“Formation of the Trade Black Hole”

24 x 36″ Watercolor on Claybord

This painting expresses my views about the inevitability of global  trade… legal and illegal.  The cultural and economic interdependence  formed by governmental and individual negotiation is non-quantifiable and self-perpetuating.  

Spearfish Creek Brilliance

May 4, 2017

Spearfish Creek Brillance 6x6 WC on Claybd 16Spearfish Creek Brilliance

6 x 6″ 

Watercolor on Claybord

This colorful painting is a miniature, measuring only 6 x 6″. It captures the reflected color of foliage in the rippling water of Spearfish Creek.  Check out this and other miniature works of Black Hills landscape paintings at Prairie Edge Gallery in Rapid City.

Spearfish Canyon’s Roughlock Falls

May 3, 2017

e Spearfish Canyon's Roughlock Falls 12x36 WC on Claybd 17Spearfish Canyon’s Roughlock Falls

12 x 36″

Watercolor on Claybord

The vertical fall of the naturally beautiful Roughlock Falls is emphasized in the vertical composition of this painting. Roughlock Falls is in Spearfish Canyon, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and has provided myself, the artist, many hours of relaxation and rejuvenation. Check out my Facebook page: Artwork by Bonnie Halsey-Dutton


April 28, 2017

e Interconnectedness 11x14 WC on CB 15“Interconnectedness”

11 x 14: Watercolor and Ink on Claybord

Trade beads in my paintings are symbolic of desire for manmade goods and interconnectedness of cultures: of technological advances and economic trade. At a time of increasing nationalism, the interconnection that exists bears reminding. No country exists as an island unto itself. 

Join me for a Watercolor Workshop in Portugal, May 31 – June 7, 2017

October 18, 2016

I am teaching a watercolor workshop that will truly be a unique experience.  May 31 – June 7th, 2017  I will lead a week-long water media painting workshop at the Art in the Algarve School in Olhão, Portugal. Once you arrive in Olhão, is an all-inclusive week-long workshop in which the course, the lodging and full meals are included in the very amazing price. Please  look over the brochure file I have included here, check out the school website (Art in the Algarve School), and contact me @ with any questions you might have! Please email me your address if you would like a hard copy of the brochure.

brochure-8.5inx11in-trifold-outside brochure-8.5inx11in-trifold-inside

Sunken Gems

July 26, 2016

e Sunken Gems 8x8 WC on Claybd 15“Sunken Gems”

8 x 8” Watercolor and Ink on Clayboard

A boat passing above on the surface, unaware of what is just beneath the surface. How often are we each unaware of what is just beneath the surfaces of our lives if we only looked!!

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